the_godmakersAlphaG copy

The Godmakers PreAlpha Aka. 5Digital Prints. 2011



The Godmakers PreAlpha Aka.

Cabinet : Computer Screensaver with Text to Speech. Crystal Quartz. Bronze letter Ψ(Psi). seeds. mechanic parts. Cover reproduction of The Godmakers sci-fi novel, Frank Herbert. 2011



*** text to speech***

You must understand that peace is an internal matter. It has to be a self-discipline for an individual or for an entire civilization. It must come from within. If you set up an outside power to enforce peace, this outside power will grow stronger and stronger. It has no alternative. The inevitable outcome will be an explosion, cataclysmic and chaotic. That is the way of our universe. When you create paired opposites, one will overwhelm the other unless they are in delicate balance.

— The writings of DIANA BULLONE

To become a god, a living creature must transcend the physical. The three steps of this transcendent path are known. First, he must come upon the awareness of secret aggression. Second, he must come upon the discernment of purpose within the animal shape. Third, he must experience death. When this is done, the nascent god must find his own rebirth in a unique ordeal by which he discovers the one who summoned him.

—  ‘The Making of a God,’ The Amel Handbook